SEO copywriting Services

I’m a Melbourne SEO copywriter, and you want your website to be on the first page of Google. Let me write SEO optimised copy for your business to improve your Google rankings and increase conversions.

What Is An SEO Copywriter?

An SEO copywriter uses their writing skills to create copy that is optimised for Google. They have a fundamental understanding of how websites work, including page speed and coding, how Google crawls websites and how customers read information.

SEO Copywriting is a fine line between optimising your copy for Google, making it easy for it to be crawled, and optimising it for the customer, making it interesting and informative to read.

Why do I need an SEO Copywriter?


Put simply, an SEO copywriter is experienced and trained for writing copy for the digital world, specifically to increase your Google rankings.

Every piece of content you put on your website should be SEO optimised to ensure you are getting found on Google.

At the same time, an SEO copywriter should be focusing on your customer, because at the heart of SEO, is the customer experience. Google is constantly trying to improve their algorithm to service the people searching with highly relevant and valuable content. This means writing for the customer first, and Google second - it’s a fine line that a good SEO copywriter will know how to walk.

Why is SEO important for my business?

Put simply, SEO, when done correctly, increases your Google ranking. Everyone is aiming for the top spot on page 1 of Google and SEO helps you get there. By being on page 1 of Google, you will increase your organic audience, leading to the possibility of more sales. Other SEO practices help improve your website and customer experience.

My Affordable SEO Copywriting Services

Title tags & meta description copywriting

This text is what displays on Google when your site appears in search results. It needs to contain the right keywords to ensure that when your target audience performs a search, your site appears. I also do keyword research for this service.

SEO content audit

Is your site as SEO optimised as it could and should be? I’ll go through your website, making recommendations to help ensure your site is optimised to get that all important first page ranking.

Monthly SEO keyword monitoring

Understand how important SEO is and want someone to monitor your rankings? I’ll keep on top of how you’re tracking, make monthly recommendations and write content to ensure your website is filled with fresh and optimised content.

SEO content creation

I’ll create SEO optimised content for your website, that is still customer friendly. Whether you need a small SEO optimised paragraph, or regular SEO optimised blogs, I can create content that is valuable to both Google and your customers.

Want to improve your website with SEO Optimised Content?